Compact sewage disposal unit with cutting system pump.


Sanitary installations with WC, hand basins, washing machines and showers in basement apartments or cellars which are below sewer backflush level require the installation of a lifting station. The Sanipower is the ideal solution for this problem. With the advantage of a ground level direct WC connection, it is possible to place the Sanipower directly on to the back of the toilet. The reliable integrated stainless steel cutter system reduces to small pieces all soft solids from the waste water.

The diameter for the discharge pipe should be 11/4“ minimum which can be easily laid at low cost with a minimum of construction work.

DIN EN 12050-1: Conformity and design approved and controlled by LGA, certificate No. 0220119.

Pumped liquid: Drainage water, waste water or sewage. Max. liquid temperature: 35°C, short term up to 60°C.

Operation: Intermittent.


Compact sewage disposal unit consisting of:

Collecting tank: Odour and gastight composite collection tank. Max.

utility volume 11 l. WC-inlet: DN 100 horizontal, inlet height 180 mm. Vertical inlet DN 50 on the top of the tank. Air vent DN 25 vertical. Cleaning cover with screw cap.

Pump: Single stage centrifugal pump with horizontal discharge. Open multi-channel impeller with cutting system. Discharge: BSP 2“ M.

Motor: Single phase electric motor with thermal sensors embedded in the winding. Insulation class H. Degree of protection IP 68.

Shaft/Bearing: Large diameter steel rotor shaft, pre-lubricated bearings.

Seals: Combination of mechanical seals (siliconcarbide / siliconcarbide) and lip seal in oil chamber.

Control box: Pneumatic level control with pressure switch. Electronic control box, motor over run period. Overload protection. Temperature control of the winding with automatic motor restart.

Collecting tank Composite

Pump housing, Cast iron

motor housing, impeller GG 25/EN-GJL-250

Cutting system Stainless steel


Rotor shaft, screws Stainless steel

Seal kit Perbonane

Technical Data

Motor input P1 1,5 kW

Motor output P2 1,1 kW

Voltage 230 V/1 Ph, 50 Hz

Speed 2900 rpm

Nominal current 7,0 A

Cable H 07RN–F 4G1,5

Weight 32 kg

Discharge BSP 2“ M

Equipment supplied

Tank with pump, pneumatic electronic control box, 2 m of cable and plug.


Part Description Dimension Part No.

Gasket for WC-direct

connection dia. 134/87 2725134

90° galvanized elbow BSP 2“ F

x BSP 1 1/2“ F 2112605

BSP 2“ F 2113606

Bronze non-return

valve BSP 1 1/2“ F 2211313

Bronze gate valve BSP 1 1/2“ F 2216015

BSP 2“ F 2216020

Galvanized union BSP 1 1/2“ M/F 2214305

piece BSP 2“ M/F 2214310

Ball swing

check valve BSP 2“ F 2212903

AL3 alarm

control panel

with water level sensor

for the collecting tank 1586143

Saniquick A



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